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"Mobile Home" is an Android App developed for travelers using camper vans or other individual means of travel. It contains a database with camp sites, motor home sites, general parking where motor homes are allowed and service sites. The current database contains approximately 42000 sites covering Europe and Africa.

The App is available from Google Play store for a small price.

The data however is free and will stay free forever. The reason for this is that the users are responsible for maintaining the data. Functionality is available to add new sites that are not yet in the database, edit all the data items for an existing site and even remove sites that are no longer in existence. Sites can be rated with a 5 star rating system. Since the App is designed to handle sites world wide I hope soon many people using the App will add sites on other continents.

Here a few screen shots
Mainscreen image
Search Result image
Search Result Map Overview image
Main Screen
Search Result
Search Result Map Overview

During traveling it often happens that your device has no connection to the internet. For that reason the App is designed to work fully without internet connection.

Every screen that is showing a map uses only map data that is available on your device. After installation only a very rudimentary map showing the coast lines is available. To see detailed maps you must download the maps you are interested in. The map data is also free. But I recommend to use a WIFI connection to download the map data files. The complete set of map data world wide is about 45GB. Downloading using the mobile data connection from your mobile provider may incur high costs.

Geo coding and reverse geo coding features work better with an internet connection. Geo coding is used to find address data for a GPS location and find a GPS location for an address. Without internet connection a limited set of data is included in the App covering cities with more than 1000 inhabitants world wide.

If you modify the site database during a time you are not connected to the internet these modifications will only be stored in the database on your device. However the modifications are remembered and when you use the App the next time you are connected to the internet these modifications will be published to the web server.

The App also contains a complete manual. The manual can be viewed here also. Please see the section "Links" for the manuals in the currently supported languages.



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